Ramps - Photo by Diana Pappas

Stumbling upon a patch of ramps yesterday, my husband and I immediately began hauling these wild leeks out of the ground, using sticks as leverage to reach down into the soil and loosen the roots’ grip. It wasn’t our intention to go foraging yesterday, merely to enjoy our wedding anniversary with a walk in the woods on a gorgeous day, binoculars slung around our necks, with a tote bag filled with our bird field guide, a hiking guide and water bottles. Thank goodness for the tote bag, because we stuffed it full of these ramps, still only taking a little bit of the bounty being offered to us by the earth, but wishing we could take it all.

As we hiked back to the car, the gentle garlicky smell was driving me wild and my mind went on a cooking reverie, plotting a batch of ramp pesto, and also some ramp kimchi, and wouldn’t some pork dumplings with ramps be divine? And ramp quiche! I wanted it all. When we got home, daylight was waning but I moved quickly and managed to take a photo of the ramps to showcase their beauty – I love that blush of red on the stems leading into the elegant leaves, and the tangle of roots that hide beneath the soil’s surface, a wonderful contrast in texture.

Now, what should I make with them?

Flower show – early spring blooms


Dogwood blooms by Diana Pappas

So many seeds need to be sown, so many plants need to be pruned, so many weeds need to be pulled that it’s easy to be overwhelmed in the face of such a lengthy gardening to-do list. I was in the middle of some such task yesterday when I looked around me and saw so many gorgeous flowers glowing in the gentle spring sunshine. There was no resisting the pull to go get the camera and give the flowers around me the close-ups they deserve.

Photographing flowers in a new and unusual way is a challenge I always welcome. They are quite rightly a favorite subject for many photographers, both amateur and professional, so I have to ask myself what I can do that’s different, unique and unexpected. In the coming weeks I’ll be revisiting flowers now and then as a subject and we’ll see what I can come up with!

I hope you enjoy these spring views of dogwood (above and just barely blooming) and daffodil, magnolia, eastern red bud, brunnera, and lesser celandine.

Daffodils by Diana Pappas

Daffodils by Diana Pappas

Daffodils by Diana Pappas

Photo by Diana Pappas-5

Photo by Diana Pappas-6

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Camp Helen State Park in Panama City Beach plus a gorgeous blaze of yellow!


Camp Helen State Park

Camp Helen State Park in Panama City Beach, Florida, is a fascinating place to explore when I’m down on the panhandle for some rest, warmth, and relaxation. The myrtle oaks are draped with Spanish moss, the trails are sandy, the birdsong is exotic – in short, it’s a world away from the plants, animals and sights that I’m accustomed to in my part of New Jersey. The binoculars are always at the ready and there is plenty of natural beauty to inspire a few clicks on the camera.

Before I left for a week in Florida, I wrote about the blast of color that a vase of forced forsythia can offer as a way of hurrying spring along. I was delighted to find that very same yellow color in Florida earlier this week on a walk at Camp Helen, but in this case it was a rather autumnal farewell to last year’s green palmetto leaves. The fiery display was simply stunning in the late afternoon, the low sun slanting in at just the right angle to set the colors ablaze. The blazing yellow also happened to match the color of the northern parula warblers we spotted just perfectly! It was a lovely day trip, and I must say I really enjoyed this unexpected pop of color. Hope you enjoy it too.

Camp Helen State Park is located at 23937 Panama City Beach Parkway (Highway 98) in Panama City Beach, Florida.