Blueberry jam food photography and adventures in bread baking.


Photograph by Diana Pappas.

Yesterday afternoon I arrived home to see a slightly panicked look on my husband’s face –  he had mixed bread dough and once it had risen sufficiently he turned on the oven only for it to not heat up at all. We bake our own bread all the time, Tom makes Darina Allen’s brown bread and I make sourdough pitas and sandwich bread. We have this down to a routine and panic doesn’t enter the picture, at least it didn’t, until yesterday. The wet dough actually overflowed from the loaf tin “I Love Lucy” style and with a faulty oven there was only one thing we could possibly think of doing – bake the bread on the barbecue! We lit the charcoal and put the dough in the refrigerator to try and slow down the yeast. Once the coals were ready, we put them to one side of the barbecue and put the loaf tin on the other side, covered it and crossed our fingers. Miraculously, we baked a perfect loaf of bread. I find this amazing.

You may have guessed by now that the slice of bread in the photo above is indeed from this loaf of barbecued bread. Good thing it was on hand as I challenged myself to some food photography today. The assignment was to showcase jam, in this case blueberry, with the goal of making the jam look sumptuous. Have I succeeded? Does it make you want to pick it up and take a bite? We ate this right after the shoot so I can confirm it was delicious indeed.

3 thoughts on “Blueberry jam food photography and adventures in bread baking.

  1. Thanks Marina and Steve! The bread does not have a smokey flavor – I was worried that it would actually – it just tasted like delicious bread. We waited for the coals to go from black to white and we also waited for them to cool down a bit so once we put the bread in there would be a blast of heat and then it would gradually taper off. This mimics what the recipe calls for in the oven. Worked great! Now lets hope the oven is an easy fix when it gets serviced on Friday or else it is more BBQ bread for us.

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