When a photo finds a good home, a fellow artist’s studio – Gleena Ceramics


High Tea by Diana Pappas

Several years ago in my younger and braver days, I snuck into an abandoned china factory in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, and I was just in time too because the factory was being demolished. The place honestly looked like it had been bombed, and there I was, working my way through the mess to see if there were any photographs to be had. I stopped in my tracks when I saw the last remaining dinnerware, stacked up and waiting for demolition, and perhaps waiting for me to preserve it before the wrecking ball finished its job. I called my photograph High Tea, and it was a fabulous souvenir to take home with me (though some of that crockery would have been nice too!). “High Tea” has been available on my Etsy shop for a while but it only found a home yesterday thanks to a lovely treasury by Laine of Ingleside Pottery.

Treasuries are an interesting concept – other Etsy buyers and sellers put together groupings of Etsy listings in pleasing and interesting ways, and these treasuries, if they are good enough, get promoted and shared. The resulting exposure can be a real help when you’re trying to find buyers for your work as all sellers are. In this case, the buyer of High Tea was also featured in the treasury, Asya Palatova of Gleena Shop on Etsy. Her charming O is for Owl wee tea cup caught my eye right away, and when I looked further, beyond her Etsy shop and to her website, I was blown away by her work and immediately started imagining her dinnerware on my table.

O is for Owl tea cup from Gleena's Shop

Asya bought High Tea to hang in her studio for inspiration – how cool is that? She even did some sleuthing about the china factory, learning about its history and the reason for its demise. It feels so good that High Tea is on its way to her. When you’re as attached to a work as much as I am, you really want the photograph to find a good home, a place where the work will be displayed and enjoyed for many moons to come. It will be interesting to see if Asya brings back any of these old shapes, but updated in her unique style. Here is more of her beautiful work, both in progress (as the pieces in High Tea were) and finished.  http://gleena.com

Gleena Ceramics by Asya Palatova

Selling on Etsy, plus my current favorite photograph inspired by Jane Austen


Jane Austen photo Dashwood Cottage by Diana Pappas

Do you shop on Etsy? I do, and everyday I am amazed by the truly fantastic creative works of art and design out there, no matter the medium. From illustrations to tote bags to pottery to knitwear to some seriously funky and fantastic vintage finds, there’s something for everyone on Etsy. I’ve been selling my photography there seriously for the last couple of years and I have to say it has been a slow process to get some sort of momentum in terms of sales.

Lately I’ve been taking on the challenge of how to make my photography more appealing to a buyer, how to help a buyer visualize what a print will be like when it is on actual fine art paper and not just a bunch of pixels on a screen. So today my husband and I went outside on this dreary overcast winter day and I posed him in front of our weathered garden fence (which is usually obscured by globe thistles, cosmos or monarda in the growing season – just typing this sentence is getting me incredibly excited for summer!) with a print. I should say that this is not just any print, this is one of my favorite photographs that I’ve ever taken, Dashwood Cottage.

I took this photograph in England a couple of years ago, on a blissful July day when all was seemingly right with the world and my life. Being there is a very peaceful memory for me. I call the photo Dashwood Cottage because I can just imagine Elinor and Marianne Dashwood (from Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility) to be at home. Above the weathered red door it says 1669, and I just love the trained yellow roses and the ladies mantle border that seems to tumble over under the weight of its chartreuse blooms. The photo is perpetual summer for me, just the thing I need to look at today!