New Work: A Geological Abstract from Western North Carolina


Photograph by Diana Pappas.

I’m excited to share with you my latest work, which I produced on a hike last Sunday in Western North Carolina. There were beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains everywhere we looked but the view underfoot on this particular trail was rather special as well. Black and rusty veins of stone swirled together in the bedrock and the sun illuminated little flecks of mica in the stone that sparkled and shimmered. Taking a photograph of it was challenging, as it was hard to capture this shimmery quality in a way that really showed how dynamic and interesting this stone was. After a few minutes I thought, why not try a multiple exposure? I love experimenting with multiple exposures within the camera. Sometimes I try two exposures, sometimes three, and the results can be unpredictable and often very surprising. In this case it was so sunny that I couldn’t see the result until I was back in the hotel and when I did finally see it I was thrilled. The multiple exposure captured what looks like a ripple of energy emanating from the stone and the mica sparkles in a way that is almost celestial. Can you feel the energy in the photograph too?

This geological abstract is available as a fine art print in sizes up to 30×40″ in my print shop.